1st January 1895
John Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI, is born. 120 years.
4th January 1865
The New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters at 10-12 Broad near Wall Street in New York City. 150 years.
7th January 1955
Britain's first ever animated feature film, Animal Farm was created by the pioneering Halas & Batchelor Animation Studio. 60 years.
8th January 1935
Elvis Presley, an American singer and actor, is born. 80 years.
8th January 1940
World War II: Britain introduces food rationing. 75 years.
16th January 1920
The League of Nations is formed and Leon Bourgeois is made President of the organisation. 95 years.
19th January 1915
World War I: German zeppelins bomb the towns of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in the United Kingdom killing more than 20, in the first major aerial bombardment of a civilian target. 100 years.
20th January 1265
In Westminster, the first English parliament conducts its first meeting held by Simon de Montfort in the Palace of Westminster, now also known colloquially as the "Houses of Parliament". 750 years.
20th January 1930
Buzz Aldrin, member of Apollo 11 spaceflight, is born. 85 years.
20th January 1875
Jean-Francois Millet, the pioneering French Realist painter, dies. 140 years.
20th January 1885
The patent for the first Commercial rollercoaster in Coney Island, NY is registered by L.A. Thompson. 130 years.
20th January 1920
Federico Fellini, Italian film director known for his distinct style, is born. 95 years
21st January 1905
Christian Dior, the French fashion designer, is born. 110 years.
24th January 1920
Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian painter and sculptor, dies. 95 years.
24th January 1965
Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, dies. 50 years.
27th January 1945
Liberation of the German concentration camp Auschwitz. 70 years.
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