1st May 1813
<p> Jacques Delille, French poet best known for his translation of Virgil&#39;s Georgics, dies. 200 years.</p>
10th May 1988
<p> An artwork by Degas titled &quot;Petite danseuse de quatorze ans&quot; (Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen) sold for 10.1 million. 25 years.</p>
10th May 1838
<p> John Wilkes Booth, American stage actor and assassin of President Lincoln, is born. 175 years.</p>
10th May 1863
<p> Thomas &#39;Stonewall&#39; Jackson, Confederate general during the American Civil War, dies. 150 years.</p>
14th May 1923
<p> <span style="">Charles de Freycinet, French prime minister, dies. </span>90 years.</p>
20th May 1913
<p> <span style="">The first Chelsea Flower Show held in London. 100 years.</span></p>
20th May 1713
<p> Thomas Sprat, English writer, dies. 300 years.</p>
22nd May 1938
<p> William Glackens, artist, dies. 75 years.</p>
29th May 1913
<p> Igor Stranvinsky&#39;s ballet score &#39;The Rite of Spring&#39; is premiered in Paris, which provoked a riot. 100 years.</p>
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